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At Sea Foam, I worked closely with companies who were in the early-to-mid stages of raising capital. The majority of these companies were utilising blockchain technology and were launching an ICO or STO for their business.

Most of the projects I worked on were launching an STO, or Security Token Offering, rather than an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) as the majority of my clients were US-based and subject to SEC regulations.


My role included creating content and marketing strategies for clients with an emphasis on whitepapers, investor-friendly pitch decks, long-form, SEO-friendly content for digital publication, and UX writing. I also supported Sea Foam with their social media presence and internal company 'thought leadership' articles.


Our clients are active across a range of industries including real estate, antiques, luxury goods, smart cities, gaming, climate tech and supply chain solutions. During the initial stages of each project, I was required to understand the clients' industries in-depth with thorough market research to be able to articulate their advantage against their competitors and for the benefit of their end-users.

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