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Digital Art

In Search Of An Aesthetics Of Crypto Art, Artnome, w/ Alex Estorick, Kyle Waters. 10.04.2021

NFT Art Isn't as Groundbreaking as It Seems, Vice, w/ Drew Schwartz. 05.03.2021
Episode V. Toward a New Ecology of Crypto Art: A Hybrid Manifesto, Flash Art w/ Memo Atken, Alice Bucknell, Geert Lovnik, Primavera De Filippi, Jason Bailey, Casey REAS, Fanny Lakoubay, Beth Jochim, Alex Estorick. 26.02.2021

Art for Space, Digital Exhibition, w/ MoCDA, 06/10/2020

Online Art Viewing Is Finally Being Embraced—But Does That Make It More Accessible?, Observer, w/ Serena Tabacchi, Stina Gustafsson, 02/06/2020

When Museums Reopen, Will Their Form and Function Have Changed?, Observer, w/ Serena Tabacchi, Stina Gustafsson, 12/04/2020

NFT London panel discussion, NFT London, w/ MoCDA, BlockchainArtex, 13/02/2020

Uniqlo Tate Late, Nam June Paik, w/ MoCDA, DADA.Art, Worldwide FM Global Roots, 29/11/2019 

Blockchain & Data

Let's talk about data rights and data monetisation, w/ GirlGoneCrypto, w/ Lea Thompson, Gilbert Hill, Juan Aja Aguinaco, Alexandr Chevtaev, and Matt Fontana. 27.05.2021

#30 – Crypto, NFTS & the Future of Photography, w/ Chloe Diamond, Exposed Negative, w/ Greg Funnell, Tom Barnes, 20.05.2021

Data Unions are changing the world, Digital Raganrök, w/ Alex Marinica, 30/01/2021

Data monetisation and the changing culture of the view on dat‪a‬, CryptoCast, gunnercooke, w/ James Burnie, 07/10/2020

Market Expansion: Why do we need more women in the blockchain industry?, Blockchain Game Alliance, w/ Genevieve Leveille, Fanny Lakoubay, Sparrow, Simona Pop, Serena Tabacchi, 18/06/2020

My Top Blockchain Podcasts For 2019, Sea Foam Media, 09/01/2019

The STO Revolution: Everything You Need to Know, Sea Foam Media, 02/10/2018

Cryptocurrency is already changing gaming for the better, Sea Foam Media, 21/08/2018

Past Meets Present: Blockchain’s Impact on Fine Art, Sea Foam Media, 03/08/2018

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