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My primary responsibility with Jo is to research, create and optimise user-facing copy within their web-based application. 


Jo, as the technical arm of, offers a data-driven digital marketing solution to independent business owners across the UK. 

Building out a solid user persona has been vital for this role as the content I designed had to be technical but engaging, capturing the delicate balance between motivating the user to proceed through the user journey in a way that would provide value to them, but also to encourage them to hire Jo to complete the tasks on their behalf, thereby bringing increased traction and revenue to the company whilst guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

The in-app UX writing is focused on making marketing efforts more accessible for a typical independent high street business owner who is not tech-savvy and who lacks time to research new approaches and to then learn how to implement them. Therefore, the content has to be accessible, engaging and dynamic enough to maintain interest but with simplified explanations of necessary technical steps taken within digital marketing.

I intend to complement this written content with video walkthroughs, explaining the technicalities of the tasks at hand with short, simple explainer tutorials. This will either be created by a team of animators that I have been leading on another informative video for the Jo homepage, or created as UGC by existing customers, emphasising peer trust in the platform. If not video, I am eager to add more audio to the app, alongside a gamified model that will bring the user satisfaction as they advance through the app.

As well as monitoring feedback on customer surveys and social media polls, I gather insights about the users and how they interact with my copy by regularly conversing with my colleagues who have more client-facing roles, such as the Customer Support lead. I also use programs such as Hotjar and Hubspot to t5rack interactions, then make amendments according to my findings.


UX copy for the Jo app
- Web copy for
- User personas and research
- Long-form content creation for blog posts, newsletters and articles
- Content strategy and creation across a variety of formats and channels
- Social media strategy and content





technical knowledge and experience to create or design workable prototypes, both programs and physical outputs

parameters, restrictions and synergies.

Stakeholder relationship management. 

identify, analyse, manage and monitor relationships with and between stakeholders

communicate clearly and regularly, clarifying mutual needs and commitments through consultation and consideration of impacts while focusing on user needs.

Strategic thinking. 

overall perspective on business issues, events, activities and discuss their wider implications and long-term impact. 

determining patterns, standards, policies, roadmaps and vision statements. You know how to focus on outcomes rather than solutions and activities.

User focus.

understand users

identify who they are and what their needs are, based on evidence. 

translate user stories and propose design approaches or services to meet these needs

engage in meaningful interactions and relationships with users

users first.

User-centred content design. 

design content to meet user needs 

make complex language and processes easy to understand. 

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