I'm Chloë

I'm a writer and curator based in Oxford, UK who writes about art and technology, builds communities in Web3, and makes a lot of lists. When not hunched over a computer, I can usually be found in the allotment or somewhere between the Black and Caspian Seas.

What I do

I'm a digital marketer and curator who focuses on technology and art. Since studying Graphic Design and dropping it in favour of art history, I've always sat in the space between visuals and text because I was never satisfied with just one as a way to express myself.

I've been working in the blockchain space since early 2018 but I found myself gravitating towards it as early as 2014 after meeting people mining Bitcoin while living in Tbilisi, Georgia. While working remotely with Sea Foam Media, I wrote about blockchain and also created marketing materials and whitepapers on behalf of companies integrating blockchain and launching their ICO & STO.

While working as a freelance copywriter during the day, I studied History of Art and Curating at Birkbeck, University of London by night. I focused my research on the ethics of images, art as a means to control or to exhibit freedom of speech, the role of space, and notions of Selfhood in blockchain art.

I joined the Museum of Contemporary Digital Art (MoCDA) in Summer 2019 which lured me deeper into the world of digital art, crypto and, more recently, NFTs and the metaverse where I continue to work as an independent curator and consultant.

Not being able to kick the duality of text in the day and visuals at night, I am also CMO at Swash, a browser plugin that allows people to monetise their data as they surf the web. Here, I lead all aspects of marketing and communication, including cultivating the brand, sharing our mission, and building a community in line with our values for a better, more sustainable internet.


Let's talk about data rights and data monetisation, w/ GirlGoneCrypto, w/ Lea ThompsonGilbert HillJuan Aja AguinacoAlexandr Chevtaev, and Matt Fontana. 27.05.2021

In Search Of An Aesthetics Of Crypto Art, Artnome, w/ Alex Estorick, Kyle Waters. 10.04.2021

NFT Art Isn't as Groundbreaking as It Seems, Vice, w/ Drew Schwartz. 05.03.2021

Episode V. Toward a New Ecology of Crypto Art: A Hybrid Manifesto, Flash Art w/ Memo Atken, Alice Bucknell, Geert Lovnik, Primavera De Filippi, Jason Bailey, Casey REAS, Fanny Lakoubay, Beth Jochim, Alex Estorick. 26.02.2021

Say hi

Feel free to reach out to me at chloeshannondiamond [at] gmail [dot] com or send me a DM on Twitter. I'm also on LinkedIn and don't mind Telegram messages either.

Fun facts

  • I've always worked remotely and think it should be the norm

  • I love knowing about seasonal veg and think plants are underrated

  • I have a lot of time for film noir, Nina Simone, and Victorians

  • This is what I look like: